What can be better than great tasting coffee with the added health benefit of Lingzhi, the herb that even Chinese Emperors acknowledged as the 'miracle king of herbs' for it's powerful health effects.

Now, you too, can enjoy the health benefits of DXN Lingzhi Coffee.

Have a cup of rich, aromatic and great tasting coffee and enjoy health benefits at the same time!


Lingzhi or Reishi is known by it's scientific name of Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma Lucidum is reported to be able to improve the body’s healing ability, maintain a healthy body and to promote longevity. It's properties to strengthen the immune system are also well identified. Reference: American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Society.


Approximately 200 clinical studies on Ganoderma Lucidum have been documented and published by Pub Med on the effects and usage of Ganoderma Lucidum. (PubMed is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that includes over 16 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s.)

Why do the Chinese think so highly of Lingzhi?

Lingzhi is a medicinal fungus with a long history in China as a tonic and health remedy. (Western scientific name: Ganoderma Lucidum)

Lingzhi was highly ranked as an herbal medicine in Shen Nong Material Medica (Shen Nung Ben Cao Jing) which was published in the second century B.C. In it, 365 kinds of Chinese medicines were classified and explained.

The medicines were basically classified into 3 categories: 120 of them were declared to be "superior" medicines, another 120 were classified as "average" medicines, and the remaining 125 were placed in the "fair" category.

The "superior" medicines were also known "God's Herbs" and they were for perpetual youth and longevity--the medicines of the legendary wizards. In ancient times, only the royal family was allowed access to superior medicine.

Lingzhi is rated as No 1 of the Superior Herb category! In the Chinese medicine roll of honor, Lingzhi is considered even more valuable and beneficial than the more famous Ginseng! Indeed, it is known as the King of herbs in ancient Chinese medical textbooks.

In ancient time, Lingzhi can only be found in the wild and hence was expensive and rare. It was only in the last two decades that Lingzhi has been cultivated successfully in a production environment.

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